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Who is the Anti-Christ?

A few weeks ago, we learned how the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great made it illegal for Christians to obey the law of Moses. We saw how Martin Luther and Augustine, who both have influenced our modern day Christianity, shared Constantine’s view on the Mosaic law believing it to be illegal for Christians to obey.

Then we saw how the Bible says the law of Moses does apply to us today. We read scriptures like 1.John 2:6 and 1.Cor 11:1 where it says that if we claim to be one with Christ, we must live as He lived. Paul the Apostle understood the importance of this, so he encouraged his readers to imitate Christ as he did. In James 2:10-26 we read how important it is for a believer in the cross to show their faith in obedience to the law of Moses. If there is no obedience, we are not saved. So it is obvious the Bible does not agree with Constantine the Great, Augustine and Luther. But even so, we see how mainstream Christianity has decided to build their faith and doctrines on the opinions of these men instead of the Bible.

What would happen if you as a believer in Christ decided to obey the Bible instead of church doctrines? You would have to choose to learn the law of Moses so you could know which one of the 613 commandments apply to your gender living outside of Israel without access to a temple. Then you would have to start obeying them by choosing to celebrate Shabbat, avoiding eating unclean foods, getting circumcised if your health allows it, and following every other commandment applicable to you.

If you did this, the Bible says in John 14:15, Matt 12:50 Yeshua (Jesus) would know for sure that you love Him. In James 2:10-26, 1.John 2:6 it says you would know for sure you are saved. John 1:12, 3:16 says you would become a child of Yehovah (God). Rev 12:11 says you would overcome the devil because of your faith in the cross and obedience to the law of Moses. All of this sounds soo good and so correct, so why then are not more Christians living like Messianic Jews the way the Bible tells us?

Most Christians are not living like this because their churches and denominations would shun them. If a born again saved spirit filled believer started obeying the law of Moses, their pastor would tell them “you have lost your salvation, fallen from grace, trying to achieve justification by keeping the law.” Then they would be labeled a heretic, potentially dangerous and have their names dragged through the mud.

Why would a Christian pastor and a Christian denomination react so harshly when someone in their congregation tried to obey the Bible? Should it not please them to see how members of their congregation wanted to show their love for Yeshua? The reason why most mainstream churches and pastors would react that way is their object of faith is wrong. They believe more in what Martin Luther, Augustine, and other church fathers say about the Bible then they believe in the Bible itself. But the truth is that pastors and churches like this have more in common with the anti-Christ then they have with the Messiah whose name is Yeshua.

Who is the anti-Christ? The Bible says he will be the man of lawlessness 2.Thess 2:1-12 and the man of sin. He will force everyone to pledge allegiance to him by taking the mark of the beast on their right hand or their forehead, without it you can’t buy or sell. (Rev 13). We have seen this over the years in movies like “in the Blink of an eye,” “a thief in the night,” “Left behind” and the book series with the same name “Left Behind.”

The Bible says in 1.John 3:4 sin is breaking the law of Moses, so we know from 1.John 3:4 the anti-Christ will make it a crime to obey the Mosaic law. We see this when it comes to the mark of the Best in Rev 13. In the law of Moses in Deut 6:4-9 and 11:12-21 Yehovah commands us to wear the law of Moses on our forehead and our right hand. When the anti-Christ demands his followers to take the mark of the beast on their forehead or right hand, the mark will show that his followers have chosen not to obey the Torah. Will this mark be a microchip? We dont know, we only know those who take the mark have pledged not to obey the Torah.

The Bible also describes the anti-Christ as a spirit (1.John 4:2-3) that is already active in the world today. When we know how the anti-Christ spirit is described as having strong hate against the law of Moses, it should concern us greatly when our churches and pastors are so opposed to the Mosaic law. The Bible says we do not war against flesh or blood, (Eph 6:10-12) so the pastors and denominations who oppose the Bible and the law of Moses are not our enemies. The spirit of the anti-Christ working through them, most of the time without them being aware of it, is our enemy. But the Bible also says we will overcome that spirit and he will flee from us if we remain strong obedient to the law of Moses, believing in the cross. (Rev 12:11, James 4:7)

1.John 4:2-3 says the spirit of the anti-Christ is already active in the world, and during history, we have seen many who can fulfill the role as the anti-Christ spoken about in the book of revelation. Hitler, Stalin, Constantine the Great all outlawed obedience to the Torah, and a lesser extent, men like Augustine, Martin Luther and other church fathers who did the same thing. But one of the worst was probably Antichous Epiphanes. If we take a closer look at him, we can identify some things that will help us see who a future anti-Christ might be.

When Alexander the Great conquered Persia Israel had been their allies, so when Alexander the great conquered central Asia in the year 329 BC, he also became the ruler over Israel and Jerusalem. Israel had supported Persia in the war against the Greeks and Alexander the Great, so the high priest Simeon the just decided they would surrender to the Greek empire and accommodate Alexander the best they could.

Alexander proved to be very positively disposed towards the Jews, this was due to a dream he had before entering into battle. He used to dream of an angel leading him into battle, but this time, the angel had the face of the high priest Simeon the just. Because of this Alexander decided as long as the Jews paid their taxes and remained his loyal vassals, they would be allowed to remain autonomous.

Out of gratitude, the Jews decided to name every child born the next year Alexander. Giving their children Greek names opened up the door for the Greek language, Greek culture, and Greek religions. It became normal for the Jews to live as Greeks in obedience to Greek law, Greek thinking and Greek religions leaving behind their old allegiance to Gods law the Torah.

Alexander the Great died at an early age, leaving behind a Kingdom in chaos. His entire empire split in two ruled by his two generals Selecus and Ptomely. The northern empire ruled by Selecus, headquarters in Damascus Syria, known as the Selecuid dynasty. The southern empire ruled by Ptomely, headquarters in Alexandria in Egypt. The dividing line of the two empires was Israel leaving the Jews in a power struggle between Selecus and Ptomely.

In the year 215 BC Antiochus the third the great King of the Selecuid Empire had a son which he named Mithradates. When his father was defeated by the Romans in the year 190-180 he served as a hostage for his father in Rome from 189-175. His brother King Seleceus IV exchanged him for his own son Demetrius. When Seleceus his brother was murdered by Helidorus in 175 BC, Mithradates saw the opportunity to seize the throne for himself. He did this with the help of King Euemenus the second of Pergamon and declared himself co-regent with another son of his brother Selecus. This other son was an infant named Antiochus and a few years later Mithradates murdered him and assumed the name Antiochus IV Epiphanes which means God manifest.

Antiochus coveted the idea of conquering Egypt so his kingdom could expand and the Roman empire resisted. Before he was able to achieve his dreams, he had to stabilize his own country and consolidate political support by uniting cultural, social and religious elements in Syria through Hellenization. Soon Hellenization would become the agent of cultural totalitarianism.

Israel was caught in the power struggle between the northern Seleucid Kingdom and the southern Kingdom of Ptolemy ever since Alexander the Great died. Antiochus saw the Jews as the greatest threat to his need for cultural, social and religious unity because of their Torah. If he could get them to stop obeying the Torah and instead live as Hellenized Greeks, he could be able to conquer Egypt.

To achieve his plan he replaced Onias the third, the latest high priest with Onias brother Joshua who was loyal to the Greeks. Upon becoming the high priest he changed his name to Jason and helped Antiochus implement the totalitarian doctrine of Hellenization. The Jewish High priests began playing Greek sports in the nude in the gymnasium in Jerusalem, in the Torah it is forbidden for the high priest to be seen in the nude. Antiochus even allowed Menelaus, a Tobiad, to purchase the position of high priest. The Torah says the high priest has to be a descendant of Aaron, the Tobiads was not a physical descendant of Aaron, and the role as a high priest could not be sold or bought.

When Menelaus purchased the role as High priest he promised Antiochus he would increase the tax revenue. When he failed to do this, he was summoned to appear before Antiochus, and he left his brother Lysimachus as high priest instead. While Menelaus was away, Lysimachus robbed the temple of its treasures something which leads to riots in the streets.

Joshua, the brother of Onias the third who had changed his name to Jason was far from perfect as a high priest. He was loyal to the Greek occupants and had helped Antiochus implement his totalitarian doctrine of Hellenization. Even though he was not perfect he did not rob the temple as Lysimachus did, so when the people saw what Lysimachus had done they rioted and tried to replace him with Jason.

At the time of the riots, Antiochus attempted to conquer Egypt, but the Romans warned him against it. He knew his army could not defeat the Romans and he retreated to Syria filled with rage over his thwarted plans. While he was away trying to conquer Egypt, a rumor started in Jerusalem saying that Antiochus was killed in battle. This gave the supporters of Jason the courage they needed to overthrow Lysimachus and Menelaus and replace them with Jason as high priest.

The rumor about Antiochus death turned out to be false, and when he returned, and Jason failed at seizing control over the government, Jason was forced to flee Jerusalem. When Antiochus returned, he was furiously filled with rage over the rebellion. He slaughtered thousands of Jews and reinstated Menelaus as high priest. When he left a second time, a new revolt broke out. Upon hearing this, he returned to Jerusalem and outlawed Torah obedience. From now on it became illegal to eat kosher (eat clean foods according to the laws in the Torah), it became unlawful to circumcise, and it became illegal to study the Torah.

Over the years, there have been many anti-Christ figures in history. We have seen men like Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Antiochus, Constantine the Great, the Catholic church with all the popes, who all had one thing in common. They outlawed the Torah and persecuted, tortured and murdered those who obeyed it.

Antiochus did not object to those who worshiped Zeus and adopted a Greek lifestyle. Hitler did not object to those who worshiped the old Norse gods and adopted their way of life. Stalin did not object to those who worshiped him and adopted communism. Constantine the Great and the Catholic church did not and do not object to those who worship their idea of who Jesus is and adopts their way of religious living. Martin Luther and Augustine did not object to those who worshiped their idea of Jesus and the Bible and lived as a Christian the way they believed was right. All of them, without exception, did object to one thing- Torah obedience.

Being obedient to the Torah (the law of Moses) was and still is the one thing that guaranteed persecution, torture and very painful death.

The Bible says in Rev 12:11, John 4:7, 1.John 2:6, 3:7, 5:5, Deut 30:4, Ex 19:5, and James 2:10-26 obedience to the Torah AND faith in the cross are the two most important things in the world. Our faith in the cross reconciles us to Yehovah, and our obedience to the Torah shows Him that our faith is alive. It also shows Him that we love Him. (John 14:15, Matt 12:50)

The Bible describes the spirit of the anti-Christ as a spirit which is already active in the world. (1. John 4:2-3). We know from the Bible the anti-Christ spirit hates the law of Moses (the Torah). The anti-Christ spirit has no objection to us believing in the cross and asking “Jesus into our hearts, praying the sinner’s prayer.” But if we combine that with obedience to the Torah we become dangerous enemies of the anti-Christ spirit. Why do we become dangerous? Because the Bible says in Rev 12:11, John 14:15, 17, Matt 12:50, 1.John 2:6 we become united with Yeshua filled with His Spirit well able to overcome the devil.

This is why the spirit of the anti-Christ hates and persecutes everyone who obeys the Torah, and this is why he works overtime still using Hellenization as a tool to convince Christians the Torah does not apply to them anymore. When we know this, it should concern us much when we hear a pastor or any minister get to tell his congregation the law of Moses does not apply to us/is a burden/impossible to obey. Because what we are hearing is the spirit of the anti-Christ working through that individual trying to get us to follow him instead of Christ.

Right now, in our western parts of the world, nobody has to suffer physically for obeying the Torah. Those of us who wish to follow the Bible and obey the Torah as evidence of our salvation have suffered emotionally and relationally. We have all been at one time labeled as heretics and legalistic Judaizers even though we can prove the Bible expects everyone who claims faith in Jesus to live in obedience to the law of Moses.

Why is this happening? Because the spirit of the anti-Christ did not succeed with his Hellenization project when he inhabited Antiochus Epiphanes. So now he works through pastors, Bible commentators, denominations and Christians who seldom study the Bible for themselves and because of it becomes easy targets for this spirit.

The Bible says in 2.Thess 2:1-12 and the book of Revelation that one day the Anti-Christ and the beast will come in human form. We dont know who he will be, we dont know what mark of the beast is. But we do know this; he will do everything in his power to outlaw Torah obedience. He will persecute, torture, and kill those who believe in Yeshua and obey the Torah. (Rev 12:11).

Most denominations today believe the law of Moses does not apply to them. They believe they are under grace and not law, and if someone came along and showed how the Bible says the opposite, they can become outraged and zealous for their faith in grace contrary law.

The Bible says in Mattew 24:24 in the last days false Christs will come and do great signs and wonders, leading even the elect to fall. In Matthew 24:10 it says many will hate each other and betray each other when this happens. If the Anti-Christ came right now it would be easy for him to persuade most in mainstream Christianity to believe he was Jesus and follow him. Then it would be very easy for him to persuade Christians to turn on those who believe in and obey the Bible, betray and hate them and even murder them. These Christians would be so deceived they would think they did God a service by killing, torturing and murdering those Christians who believe in the Blood of Yeshua and obeys the Mosaic law because of their faith.

We have to acknowledge the fact that when the anti-Christ comes, he will not come as himself. For centuries he has been hard at work trying to Hellenize Jews first, and then Christians, to get them to disobey the Torah and believe the Torah does not apply to them anymore. When Yehovah permits him, he will come to finish what he started. But this time he will come in physical form in a willing human vessel disguised as an angel of light to deceive you. (2. Chor 11:14)

Are you in danger of being decieved? Ask yourself this question, if someone suddenly appeared claiming to be Jesus and did wonderful miracles for all the world to see. Would you automatically believe he was who he said he was? What if he quoted scripture and knew all the prophecies? Would you believe he was who he claimed to be? What would be your reaction if this individual told you that he had come to usher in the age of grace and that all those who preached obedience to the law of Moses were his enemies?

I guess your answer would be no, you are not in danger of being deceived and if that happened, you would not believe him. The Bible says in Matt 24:24 that a lot of Christians who right now think they will not allow themselves to be deceived will fall and obey the anti-Christ.

Why is that possible?

Because they have given into the lies being preached and believed of the centuries that says the law of Moses does not apply to them.

Today it is Friday and the Shabbat will begin in a few hours from now. The Bible says in the future celebrating Shabbat will become punishable by death. We know there are those who have gone before us who are now at home in heaven who suffered because they celebrated Shabbat. If you choose to celebrate Shabbat your faith in the cross will be alive and able to save you. Perhaps you will suffer for it relationally and emotionally, but you will gain the approval of your heavenly Father. You will also gain good habits protecting you from being deceived by the anti-Christ in the future.

Choose therefore to celebrate Shabbat today by not working for money or make others work for money. So make sure you do your groceries today before the sun sets. If you have a medical emergency you are allowed to break Shabbat, if you have a medical condition prohibiting you from doing certain things during the Shabbat you are allowed to break Shabbat. But if it can wait until tomorrow it has to wait.

One week from now I will return with another Shabbat sermon, available for free in the online church at 01:00 am CET (Central European Time) Keep sending me your prayer, prophecy and counseling requests. If you want to share a testimony or a praise report feel free to do so as well. Use Facebook messenger or e.mail.

Yehovah bless you



A sinner saved by grace, called to the office of an apostle. Jesus died for me, that is my only hope so I cling to the cross of Christ. Without the death of Christ on the cross I will be lost. But the cross of Christ is the source to ALL I need in this life and the next one.

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