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Sometimes we do not know how things will turn out. And sometimes, its even humanly impossible to solve the situation we are in. Just look at people like Moses, caught between the Red Sea and the Egyptian army. But just as Moses found out, if we trust Yahweh and we obey His Mosaic law, He […]

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131 454 People so far

131 454 People have read the Gospel since the beginning of this ministry October 2015. 131 454 People have had an opportunity to recieve free ministry by asking for free prayer, free prophecy, free discipleship, free counseling since the beginning of this ministry in October 2015. An unkown number of people have decided to repent […]

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Newsletter for October

You might have noticed I have made a few changes to the ministry in the last months. Due to the huge number of prophecy and prayer requests I had to cancel the monthly prophetic service to church members. If you are a member or a non member, and you desire a free prophetic word, you […]

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Newsletter August 2016

I had originally intended to send a monthly newsletter to subscribers. But the growth in ministry has been of such an magnitude it is easier to publish the newsletter in the online church. This way everybody who is fed from this ministry can get the opportunity to keep themself updated on what is happening with […]

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