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Natural circumstances and humans can be answer to prayer

How do you expect Yehovah to answer your prayers? Do you believe He will use angels and miracles, and never human beings? Or do you believe it is possible for Him to use circumstances in our lives and human beings as an answer to our prayers? How you believe Yehovah will answer your prayer will […]

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How to pray with faith on a Monday morning

When we face challenges in our lives, our deep-rooted beliefs are is exposed in one way or the other. When the Shabbat started on Friday, and yesterday in the church the challenges of a new week seemed far away, so it was easy then to have faith in Yehovah. But now we can not ignore the […]

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What to do when your prayers is not answered?

Do you sometimes feel as if Yehovah is not listening to your prayers? It is always because of a lack of righteousness. We remember from 1.John 3:7 we are righteous when we obey the law of Moses. It also says in Deuteronomy 28:14-45 if we lack righteousness, Yehovah will not listen to us. If you […]

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Stop breaking Yehovahs heart

The Bible says in Genesis 1:27 we are made in the image of Yehovah. Our emotions are His inventions, so we know He has feelings as well. The Bible says Yehovah can be angry (Rom 1:18) and His heart can be broken by grief when He is rejected (Luke 19:41). How do you react when […]

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Prayer changes thing

Yesterday we talked about how our preconceived ideas can hinder us from receiving Yahweh’s (Gods) help and answer to our prayers.   If we have a set plan in our mind on how Yahweh should answer our prayers, He might choose to respond it in an entirely different way. Because we are so fixed on […]

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If Jesus knows who you are, does He hear you when you pray?

Right now Christians who have just died are hearing those terrible words in Matthew 7:21-23. A moment ago they were alive on this earth, believing they would enter heaven when they died. But because they believed the lie the law has been done away with, or the myth it is just for the Jews, they […]

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Are your prayers answered by God?

Yesterday we talked about faith and trust and how vital your  righteousness is. You cant enter heaven without the imputed righteousness of Yeshua, and you cannot be reconciled to Yahweh without it. But you can not receive anything from Yahweh in this life without your righteousness. So you need them both, without your personal righteousness […]

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How do you understand what happened at the cross?

How do you understand the cross of Christ and His death? I remember when I was in mainstream Christianity I believed the cross was a rescue operation. I thought the God of the old testament expected us to fulfill a law we were unable to achieve. So He was always angry at us for not […]

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The old covenant and how Yahweh helps us to keep it

Yesterday we learned how we are still under the old covenant and how the new covenant has not happened yet. We saw how Jeremiah 31 tells us certain things needs to happen before we can claim to be in the new covenant. But then the question presents itself, what about Ezekiel 36:22-37? To understand Ezekiel […]

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What came first?

Most of us belong to or used to belong to churches where we were told the law has been done away with. But the same churches and the same pastors had no problem telling us we should tithe, and if we did not tithe, we where robbing God (Yahweh is His name). Have you ever […]

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The Cross of Jesus Christ does not cost anything close[x]
Free prayer, free prophecy, free teachings. Everything free because the cross is a gift to us.
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