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How to build healthy relationships

What makes a relationship healthy? What about relationships like a friendship or marriage, what constitutes a good long lasting healthy friendship and marriage? All relationships would be considered healthy as long as it is built on mutual respect and love. How can you make another human being feel loved and respected? We do this by […]

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Will the real Jesus please stand up?

There is an individual called Jesus in almost every religion in the world. You have Jesus in the Quran, you have Jesus as an alien in New Age religions, and you have Jesus in Christianity. It is no wonder we sometimes get confused and want to ask “will the real Jesus, please stand up”? But […]

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In 2019 I feel led by Yehovah to change somethings in this ministry. Instead of publishing one teaching I feel led to publishing one teaching pr.week each Friday. This will give me more time to answer prophecy and prayer requests, but it will also give me more time to prepare┬álonger teachings for each Shabbat. […]

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How are you at handling life on a Monday morning?

How are you at handling life? I have been a Christian since 2001, and there is one thing I have learned is that life can bring you some surprises. When I was a child I had the luxury of leaving those surprises to my parents, but when I am an adult, I have people who […]

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How not to be a legalist and a pharisee

Nobody wants to be a legalist, and nobody wants to be a Pharisee, but do you know how to avoid becoming one? Mainstream Christianity has taught us a legalist, and a Pharisee is someone who thinks they can be saved by works by keeping the law. So to avoid becoming a legalist and a Pharisee, […]

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Gods promises

Are you a Christian? The only one who can answer that question is yourself and God whose name is Yehovah. In the Bible, He says that all who live as Yeshua (Jesus Christ) lived His life (1. Cor 11:1), and believe He died for their sins, are Christians. So let me ask you again, are […]

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Have you misunderstood Paul?

When the Apostle Peter wrote the 2.Peter, he sent it to the churches in Asia Minor (Asia Minor is what we today know as the country of Turkey). Acts 11:20-21 says it was in Antioch the disciples were first called Christians, so we know 2. Peter was written to Christian churches. In 2.Peter 3:16-17 Peter […]

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Have you gotten the Gospel wrong?

The Bible is full of things we usually overlook because they dont fit into our theology. If it dont fit into our theology, we keep pretending it’s not there. If it is in the Bible, it is the word of God, and we need to take it seriously and change our theology so it will […]

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How to pray with faith (Mark 11:24)

In Mark 11:24 we find a promise often quoted in sermons “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” We all want to be able to ask for something in prayer and be guaranteed we will receive it, and during the recent years of mainstream Christianity, […]

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