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Our new homepage

We welcome you to visit our new homepage at Cross of Christ As you might have noticed I have changed the apperance of the online church some.

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Children are carefree

Do you remember how as a child you had no cares in the world. You lived in the moment, right here, right now safe and secure knowing that your dad and mother would protect you, care for you and be there when you needed them? You knew back then that if you called “mommy!” “daddy!” […]

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Peace in the midst of the storm

I am so thankful right now that I am a sinner saved by grace, because right now there is so much happening and if I didnt have the Lord with me in this I would be in deep depression right now. I met with the real estate agent a couple of hours ago and the […]

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Waiting with the Lord

Waiting for something to happen is never fun, especially when you dont have control over the outcome and you have to just trust Him. I guess it is something that carries over from childhood. When I was a child I hated waiting on christmas eve. I wanted to first open the gifts under the tree, […]

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Doors and peace

Some of you might remember that I bought a 16 year old car a few months back. I sold the old car I had that carried with it a lot of problems and used the money to buy an even older car thinking it didnt have that much problems. It turned out the seller was […]

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Do you know?

A thought came to mind today, do you know how valuable you are to God? I know, when you are knee deep in lifes many challenges and you have prayed, prayed, prayed but it seems like you are just sinking deeper it is hard to believe you could be valuable to God. After all, if […]

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The Lord told me to change the domain adress from to So if everything functions as it should you should automaticly be redirected when entering the old adress.

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A new name

Not wanting to confuse anybody, but the Lord has been dealing with me on changing the name of this site. So that is the reason why I changed it today.

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The Lord has been dealing with me lately on how important it is to understand that the cross of Christ is the source of everything we need. It is not just for salvation, it is for everything. When we accept what Jesus did for us at the cross we are saved, forgiven and born again. […]

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The way and the light

Some time ago, I believe it was the end of last year around November I recieved a prophecy from Kent Simpson. To this date it was the most accurate prophecy I have ever recieved, and it was because of that prophecy I started this blog. He told me things he could not have known, things […]

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The Cross of Jesus Christ does not cost anything close[x]
Free prayer, free prophecy, free teachings. Everything free because the cross is a gift to us.
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