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How to pray empowered by grace

One of the benefits of being saved is the privilege of prayer; we can pray, seek God for help, and trust He will help us when we need Him to intervene in our lives. The Bible says if we want His help, we have to have faith when we pray, anticipating Him to intervene and […]

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Why did Jesus have to die?

Have you ever wondered why Jesus had to die on a cross? If you are a mainstream Christian, you know He died to atone for your sins. How could Jesus atone for our sins when His Blood was not shed on the altar in the temple? Lev 17:!1 says atonement is made when Blood is […]

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This weeks sermon

Do you need prayer? Prophecy? It is free of charge, contact me on Messenger and I will respond as soon as possible.

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Three important questions

Do you consider yourself a Christian? If the answer is yes, your faith is founded on three very important doctrines. These three doctrines make out the very foundation of Christianity, so if you remove one of them or change them, the foundation for our faith is gone. This is why these three is so important, […]

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Holy Spirit?

Have you ever wanted to know how to be baptized in the Holy Spirit? Do you feel a desire in your heart to function in one or more of the gifts of the Spirit (1.Chor 12) or the ministry gifts (Eph 4:11-16)? How can you know for sure that you have been given the Holy […]

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Eternal life or a place in the Kingdom?

Have you ever been asked to explain how we inherit eternal life? And what is eternal life? If you have witnessed to someone about your faith chances are you have been in a situation where someone asked you these two questions. The doctrine of eternal life through faith in Jesus the Messiah is fundamental doctrine […]

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When God has stopped listening to you

We all have needs and wants in our lives, things we pray about and believe for. Some of you have prayed for healing for such a long time you feel as if God is no longer listening to you. Some of you have prayed for provision and money to get you out of a financial […]

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Father or Jesus, or both?

Who do you worship? Is it the Father or His Son Jesus? Most mainstream Christians find it easy to worship Jesus considering what He has done for us, but when it comes to the Father, most Christians find it difficult to relate to Him. We feel as if we know who Jesus is, but we […]

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