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Welcome to Cross of Jesus Christ Ministries online church

Welcome, my name is Apostle. I founded this ministry October 2015.

I am a Messianic Jew living in Europe.

My vision for this ministry is that prayer, prophecy, counseling and good Biblical based teachings will be available to all regardless of their financial status. This is why everything in this ministry is free of charge.

Apostle is not a real name; it is my title because I hold the office of an Apostle. The reason for me not using my real name is that this is a global ministry. Since I started it in 2015, I have seen people from all religions and all backgrounds choosing to accept the Blood of Yahshua (Jesus Christ) as atonement for their sins and obey the law of Moses. This has, of course, upset a lot of people in other religions. So I am using the name Apostle out of security reasons.

This ministry offers free access to two online churches. If you cant access this church, I have set up a Facebook church

If you access this church you are of course more then welcome to access the Facebook church as well.

Every Friday at 01:00 am CET (Central European Time) I will publish a new Shabbat sermon.

If you have any questions to the teachings you are more then welcome to contact me. Use the Facebook send message buttons or e.mail

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